Market Sectors

Vacuum forming is a versatile plastic moulding technique that can be applied to a number of different market sectors and industries. These include:

Exhibition, Point of Sale (POS) & Retail Display

Exhibition stands, presentation stands, counter displays, self standing displays, cosmetic organisers, retail body forms.


Concrete pouring moulds, modelling, transit trays.

Agriculture & Conservations

Capping, Guards, Machinery Covers, Cladding, Vehicle Covers

Decorative & Signs

Ceiling Decorations, Ceiling Pattern Moulds, Covings, Car Top Signs (Taxi)

Automotive & Aerospace

Seat Accessories, Seat Covers, Roof Racks, Cavavan Shower Products, Motor Home Panels, Motorcycle Huggers, Interior Vehicle Trim, Go Kart Bumpers, Engine Covers, Bonnets.

Medical, Maritime & Ministry of Defence

Medical Transit Trays, Tool Organiser, Radar Covers, Control Panels, Vehicle Applications, Equipment Storage.

Electronics & Engineering

Transit Trays, Protective Covers, Equipment Organisers, ESD Carrier, Transit Solutions, Control Panels.

Education & Leisure

Camping Equipment, Camping Accessories, Storage, Games, Visual Learning Aids, Stationary Trays.